Forming partnerships with companies interested in reaching the growing Hispanic market in Westchester County!

At the Westchester Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce, we aim to be the voice of the Hispanic businesses and individuals residing in the County. With a dedicated and focused approach, we are working on developing and broadening the horizons for Hispanic businesses in Westchester. 

In order to foster smart growth and economic vitality in the region, we work in cohorts with partners whose mission aligns with our own. Through these individuals and organizations, we support the objectives of the Hispanic businesses and individuals, where direct advocacy and original program lends a helping hand.

The right partners enable us to engage and empower
the local Hispanic community!

We currently have 2 partners that are helping us achieve our goal of connecting Hispanic businesses with talents.

Our partnership with United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is what has empowered us to lend a helping hand to our Hispanic community. It is America’s largest Hispanic business organization, representing over 4.37 million Hispanic-owned businesses.

Being a part of USHCC means that are a part of the platform and resources that the Chamber provides to the Hispanic enterprises. It is their relationship with the local chambers that has given us the power to go far and beyond in assisting the Hispanic community to succeed in life. We, along with 200 local chamber members are the backbone of the USHCC.

With their free access to educational programs, grants and more, they have provided us the necessary tools needed to take the right initiatives for the betterment of our Hispanic community.

The WHCC partners are the keys that unlock the true potential of the Westchester Hispanic business community and provide them the resources they need to soar!

We also work closely with the U.S. Small Business Administration. They provide loans to businesses and individuals to expand and start their own business. They aim to reduce risk for lenders and in turn make it easier for them to access capital. Empowering small businesses with an easy means of getting loans, the U.S. Small Business Administration provides competitive terms and offer guaranteed loans on the same rates as un-guaranteed loans available in the market.

Their services do not just stop with money lending. Some of their loans come with continued support, counseling and education. They help businesses start and then smoothly run their operations. With a number of other benefits such as Lower down payments, flexible overhead requirements, and no collateral for some loans, the U.S. Small Business Administration is the ultimate partner to empower Hispanic businesses and individuals in the county.


At WHCC, we seek to identify the high-value interventions, policy changes, and collaborations that will provide support to unlock the unmet Hispanic business potential!


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