Nov 30
Government Contracting 101

Free Webinar: Government Contracting 101 REGISTER NOW Facebook-f Linkedin Instagram…

Nov 29
Call for General Contractors December 6-8

Meetings will be scheduled with qualified firms December 6-8 in Yonkers. Call MGM…

Nov 08
Whcc VIP Holiday

WHCC VIP Holiday Event. Facebook-f Linkedin Instagram Get Early Access

Oct 31
Building Financial Health

Evento de bienestar financiero del 16 de noviembre organizado por WHCC, SCORE en…

Oct 25
Networking de WEDC en Espanol

WEDC Networking en Español que será el 4 de noviembre de 2022 a las 6 p.m. Click here…

Oct 12
recognized with the Women of Distinction award

recognized with the Women of Distinction award. Facebook-f Linkedin Instagram Get…

Oct 12
The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council

recognized with the Women of Distinction award Click here Facebook-f Linkedin…

Oct 04
Should startups care about profitability?

There are certain topics that even some of the smartest people I talk with who aren’t…

Oct 04
One thing separates creators

Enterprise applications are complex — there is an insane amount of information that is…

Oct 04
What to do if tour product isn’t growing

As a founder, product lead at Pinterest and PM for a couple products at Google, as…

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