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The Westchester Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (WHCC) is the leading county-wide Hispanic business organization dealing with the concerns of the growing Hispanic business community of Westchester. Our mission is to promote the economic growth and development of Hispanic business and professionals in Westchester.

Promoting economic growth and development of Hispanic businesses and professionals in Westchester!

With Hispanic businesses on a steady rise, there’s no denying the significant impact they can have on our economy. If we continue to invest in empowerment and development of Hispanic businesses and professionals, we can reap the benefits of this opportunity.

Hispanics are starting businesses 50 times faster than any other demographics and have incredible potential to positively impact our economy at a time when every little help counts. This provides even more reason to work for the development of Hispanic businesses and professionals in the USA.

Over 4.37 million Hispanic-owned businesses contribute a cumulative of over $700 billion to the American economy every year

Keeping such facts in mind, the Westchester Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce (WHCC) aims to assist in the further development of Hispanic businesses. Founded in 1988, the WHCC was established by a committed group of business professionals and individuals who recognized the pressing need to create a platform that can positively respond to the needs of the growing Hispanic business community.

We strive to strengthen business relationships with Hispanic companies, corporations, organizations and professionals in Westchester, empowering  Hispanics to reach new heights of success. Considering the position cultural and civic entities hold for the community, the WHCC also aims to build stronger relationships within the community. We want to avail every opportunity that we can make use of to assist in promoting Hispanic businesses.

The WHCC serves as a gateway for large organizations to connect with the Westchester Hispanic business community!

With a bright future waiting for the Hispanic community, the WHCC works on promoting programs, events, resources and activities that can propel Hispanic businesses forward. Equipping Hispanics with the necessary tools, the WHCC aspires to play their part in the economic development of Hispanic businesses.

Just providing Hispanics with resources doesn’t guarantee a successful future and that’s why the WHCC periodically evaluates the businesses under their care to recognize the outstanding performing members. By recognizing and rewarding the achievement of Hispanic, the WHCC wants to celebrate the positive impact that they have been on our society.

At the WHCC, we seek to identify the high-value interventions, policy changes, and collaborations that will provide support to unlock the unmet Hispanic business potential!

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